Our Instructors

Jack Brainard

Jack Brainard has been in the horse business for over 60 years, both breeding and training horses.  He has judged for a variety of horse associations for over 40 years. Jack that he is a living master of the art of horsemanship.  I am honored and privileged to have had him teach.

Lee Smith

She uses unique and innovative simulations to produce a greater level of understanding of how to use the Essential Elements of Horsemanship to developed a horse capable of handling cattle, as well as how a rider could prepare for competitions where cattle are used.

Bill Mooney

Bill Mooney

Great Basin Cowboy, Bill Mooney is an ex-buckaroo, who made a living in the 1970’s and remains active in the cowboy community in the western part of the country. His stories are followed by many, of the way things were and are for working on a ranch.